The Custom Art Movement has hit Australia

Custom artwork is one of my favourite creative practices, and how I style myself as well as my home. When I outgrow some of the clothing and furniture, it usually sells for more than its original value.

For those who love flipping stuff for profit, it’s a great way to restore some vintage finds and get a little extra cash in return.

I create most of the custom pieces with my husband who

  • makes his own music instruments (guitars, cajon drums),
  • assembles all the furniture I paint (tables, desks, bookshelves) and
  • makes some of our home furniture from scratch (decorative ladders).

I’ve put together images of some of our works below. Use the contact form at the bottom of the page to collaborate on some ideas you might have, OR if you would like to order something custom made by yours truly.

coffee table peacock
garden table
pacman desk
piano custom painted
custom denim jacket
handmade guitar
cajon drum
denim shorts
custom jeans

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Please fill out the form to enquire about any custom artwork you may require.

I can receive or purchase clothing or any small items, and once complete it can be shipped locally and internationally.

For furniture requests, I am located in East Brisbane, Australia and can discuss local orders.

Paintings are available in the SHOP section, and come as originals on stretched canvas as well and print versions sent via email.