This year, 2020, has been challenging in so many ways it’s unbelievable. First we moved states during the worst Australian bushfires in years, started a new job which was extremely demanding, COVID-19 got out of hand, lost my job, found out I was pregnant, then discovered it’s an Ectopic Pregnancy.

Now you’re up to date with the summary from January to present day, 15th April.

If you’ve read my blogs before or follow the Dink.Bliss Instagram account, you’d know that I was already terrified of starting a family and wanted to enjoy my DINK years (Dual Income, No Kids) for as long as possible, maybe forever. I removed the Implanon late 2019 and had been to several consultations to try the Copper IUD as I wanted something completely non-hormonal for a change. Doctors kept stalling, which I believe is some kind of government scheme to get people to have more children (story for another day)

After missing my period we immediately panicked and rushed to get a home pregnancy test. A day I will never forget for the rest of my life…

Ectopic Pregnancy

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The test was undeniably positive, and our first reaction was full of surprise of course. Something we had discussed and decided wasn’t for us had somehow managed to happen. Another discussion we’ve had was if we were to fall pregnant, we’d re-evaluate our decision. We’re in such a good place and both felt this wasn’t the worst news. We sat down and started thinking about a game plan. The only concern at this point was that it happened during the COVID-19 outbreak so we just wanted to be sure it’s all going to be ok.

Since the news came on a Friday, we just decided to take it in for the weekend and go see a doctor on Monday. So already there was no popping a bottle of bubbly to celebrate, we just started imagining what the future will be like.

Finding out it’s an Ectopic Pregnancy

The following week came and we went in to see our doctor. He referred us for a blood test and out first ultrasound to confirm the pregnancy and how long it’s been. We went to the tests the following day and during the ultrasound, we first heard the words “we cannot locate the pregnancy inside or outside the womb”.

This sounded strange, but we were reassured as the blood test was positive and there was a chance the ultrasound was too early.

So the doctor advised us not to worry and go again the following week. He had estimated 7 weeks by then and we needed to be sure.

We went to a different place for the second ultrasound, and my husband wasn’t allowed in because of COVID-19 restrictions.

In the first scan they just did an external one, this time something felt wrong as they searched thoroughly and at some point I had 3 people all checking at once. They had seen “something strange”, but no one was updating me. When I was finally left alone in the room, I texted my concerned husband back that “Something’s wrong”.

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I was asked to get dressed and sit outside while they discuss what they saw with the doctor, who will then discuss it with me. I went to tell my husband what had happened and we both just sat miserably thinking I could have some terminal illness, or something else, but whatever it is was bad.

What felt like ages later, a doctor came out and explained to us what an Ectopic Pregnancy is and that the foetus was stuck in a tube outside the womb.

Now we’re stressed, what next??

He then goes on to say all Ectopic Pregnancies end in termination, by surgery or medication. We were sent straight to the hospital because I was at risk of it rupturing and something needed to be done immediately.

The hospital staff insisted on confirming all of this by doing their own tests, so in one day I sat through hours of ultrasounds and waiting for information.

We were given the options, surgery or medication which was the recommended one as it was still an early pregnancy. By then it was nearly midnight, so we agreed and were discharged to come back the next morning to start the process of eliminating the pregnancy ūüôĀ

The Treatment

This was all a lot to deal with already and I barely slept. We went back the next day and I was given a mild dose of Methotrexate – a Cancer drug also used for ectopic pregnancy.

It made me get cramps almost immediately, and I just felt so tired and slept a lot after taking it. I had several appointments for blood tests to see if it was working after day 4, day 7, and then weekly for 4 months because that’s how long it takes for the drug to get out of your system.

By day 7 I was¬† given more bad news, “It hasn’t worked and you need a second dose

So again we went in and repeated the same process. I’m writing this mid-recovery and 3 days after the second shot I’ve just started spotting. Hopefully that means it’s working, but my next check-up is tomorrow and I’ll know whether or not I need surgery in a few days time.

Did I mention this is how we spent Easter 2020?

In my follow-up article which will be more of an update about the recovery I will hopefully be feeling much better, both physically and mentally.

The constant checking-in from our families has helped tremendously in just staying positive. I also pass time by working on some art daily.

Another thing I didn’t expect was to feel so comforted by reading the stories on Instagram of people sharing their #EctopicPregnancy experience.

It’s shown me the value of sharing your story, because you never know who it will help.