fig·​ment | \ ˈfig-mənt  \

Definition of figment: something made up or contrived

A figment is something formed from imaginary elements. 

Daydreams are figments; nightmares are figments that can seem very real. 

Most figments are everyday fears and hopes about small things that turn out to be imaginary.

-Definition of Figment by Merriam-Webster

Music can trigger many figments of your innermost thoughts and feelings. Some are positive and encourage optimism, and others may seem dark and negative, but are a necessary part of a healing process as you learn to confront them.

Sound can be one of many good ways to relax your mind and body, as you reflect on what it’s communicating through your thoughts.

Whether you’re just trying to cope on a stressful work day, or dealing with anxiety, meditation through sound and music is a powerful way to “tune out” for as little as 10 minutes and do some breathing exercises. 

We’ve combined Art and Music to create a Multi-Sensory experience through figment – music for meditation, to help you relax and relieve stress whenever you choose, for short or long sessions.

Tune Out – 10 minute meditations

Inner Space – 1 hour meditations

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The channel has two playlists:

  1. Tune Out – 10 minute meditations
  2. Inner Space – 1 hour meditations

This is designed so you can find peace in a short break, or it can help you sleep better.

The 1 hour playlists can go on throughout the night and you’ll have ambient background music helping you to enjoy a deep and peaceful night’s sleep.

Music can benefit you in multiple ways:

🎵Reduces stress and improves health

🎵Helps you sleep better

🎵Strengthens learning and memory

🎵Improves exercise

figment – music for meditation © Copyright

Music composed by Charly Harrison

Artwork by Skye Harrison

Contact us via for all licensing enquiries 


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