1. Sherbrooke Forest Park – Feeding Cockatoos!

It’s always lovely to get out of the city for a bit, and Victoria has the best spots if you look hard enough. What started off as seeking a hiking spot turned into bird heaven! I have never seen so many cockatoos in one place in my life.

Sherbrooke Picnic Ground sits within the Sherbrooke Forest, the largest section of Dandenong Ranges National Park. A number of walking tracks, starting from the picnic grounds, enable you to discover some of the plants and animals of Sherbrooke.

2. Great Ocean Road

I must say, the very first time going on this road trip took my breath away! I have seen safaris, waterfalls, but nothing this widespread and amazing!

My friend and tour guide said we would not make it to the 12 Apostles in one day, but the further we kept going we both wanted to get to that “grand finale”. Needless to say, we ended up getting back to Melbourne at 1am after more driving than was anticipated.

Here’s some information on how to plan your Great Ocean Road trip: http://www.greatoceanroadaccommodation.directory/great-ocean-road/

The Great Ocean Road is approximately 390 kilometres long. It all depends on where you finish. Some say it ends at Warrnambool while others think it extends to the small fishing village of Port Fairy.

great ocean road

3. Melbourne City Weekend Getaways

Ever need a holiday without actually using up your leave days and going away?

Feeling overwhelmed is usually a sign that you need to stop, breathe, and re-align your mind body and soul or whatever tickles your fancy!

That brings us to this lovely “Executive High-Rise Apartment with Pool and Sauna” we went to in the heart of Melbourne.

During winter, a lot of the nice exclusive accommodation is more available than usual.

Initially, I just thought it would be nice to find ANY place with a spa and sauna, not expecting one this amazing to be available at such short notice.

Heck, I didn’t even think we’d get all those facilities all in one building so that was one great find at a good price as well.

Getting the same holiday-away feeling without having to drive for hours or hop into a plane was the best part because it genuinely felt like being in a different city and country!

How often do you need and actually take a time-out?

city escape
city escape

4. Yarra Valley

Yarra Valley is one of the most serene and beautiful places you could visit in Melbourne. It’s also popular for its wineries and scenic drives (or sky-diving landings) which made it a perfect weekend getaway spot.

Day 1: Arrived at an AirBnb in the evening

One thing we do love is a good AirBnb experience to top everything off. For this trip, we stayed in an arty, colourful, and fully self-contained cottage called “Pikku-Helmi” (Little Pearl). This place had all the basics that you need for both short and long stays – set within 4 acres of land along the creek, this is a peaceful little spot. The owners with 2 children live in the cottage next to it and they were the loveliest little family with an interesting story. We also had access to a traditional wood-fired sauna at the property! That’s when I knew how much of a city girl I have turned into, this was the most fascinating thing to me.

Day 2: We gave ourselves one full day to explore Yarra Valley

Because our accomodation was so isolated we literally woke up to a rooster crowing. That was early enough to set off on a drive and take in the entire freshness of the day ahead. Because we were driving we were cautious about the wine tasting so it gave us more time to enjoy the nature. There’s also a chocolaterie where we spent quite a bit of time and just a lot of family-friendly activity around. Here are some of the places we’d recommend for a day-trip:

Day 3: Coming back home refreshed!

After spending a time-out, the drive back just made Melbourne City feel so loud and congested. We stopped over for brunch and visited a nursery on the way. Next time you’ve been feeling stressed with work, are in need of a romantic getaway, or road trip with friends, this is a great area and caters to all ages and interests.

yarra valley



6. Skydiving in St Kilda