Our honeymoon was a two week Bali trip, and we were so excited to finally visit Indonesia for the first time. We wanted to explore it fully, so we booked our stays in 5 different locations, 2-3 days in each. We managed to start with a hotel in Kuta, treehouse experience in Ubud, B&B in Padangbai, another treehouse resort in the smaller island of Nusa Penida, then finally a resort in Seminyak to exit in style.

Locations and Activities in the area

  • Kuta: Day 1-3

On arrival, Kuta was very loud and busy even when we landed after 10pm. We’d left a wintery Melbourne, so the weather was humid but still good and instead of feeling tired we felt like we arrived at a party and wanted to get some food and enjoy the vibes.

When we woke up and went out for brunch the next day, it was clear that this place was way too busy for a romantic honeymoon trip.

We were getting stopped by locals trying to convince us to do or but something. Note: this happened everywhere for the rest of the trip.

We soon wanted peace and quiet again and had enough of exploring Kuta from Day 1. On our last day in the area we heard about a temple in Uluwatu, so we made a day trip out of it. In that area, we found the best restaurant (details in photo below), the Four Seasons Resort has a great beachside bar, then the best time to visit the temple was close to sunset where we got to enjoy a Kecak fire ceremony and traditional dance.

  • Ubud: Day 4-7

We were looking forward to Ubud the most. We were also excited for a treehouse stay right in the middle of rice fields. It was a beautiful location.

The city was also pretty busy with scooters everywhere, so it was a good feeling to go back home to our serene accomodation.

By the time we got to Ubud, my husband was feeling pretty unwell. We were being very cautious of what we ate, but his symptoms started as mostly flu-like.

This is when Bali gets really uncomfortable. You always have to be prepared for an illness, and when it does happen you start to feel stuck. Our trip went a bit downhill from here because there was no clear way of getting proper medical advice, and we started relying on Doctor Google to figure out what was wrong and if we needed to panic.

Apart from that, best activities were the healthier restaurants, art galleries, waterfalls, rice paddies with the swings, and the popular Mason Elephant Park. A must-see especially if you’r on Honeymoon in Bali.

  • Padangbai: Day 8-10

For a Honeymoon in Bali trip, this isn’t the best location but we booked it so we can wake up and catch a ferry to Nusa Penida, the next island location. We also planned to do some snorkeling there, and it’s the place where surfers go so it was perfect for our water activities.

Unfortunately, my husband’s condition was getting worse. He had flu symptoms, stomach pains, nausea. We got to a point where we needed real medical advice and to check that it wasn’t something bad like Dengue Fever – which is what tourists especially need to watch out for and avoid in Bali.

As he was struggling to get out of bed, I got the B&B driver to take me to the pharmacy. They gave us something to reduce the nausea, but he wasn’t getting any better. Before we knew it, we had to rush to the hospital. This was really not a great experience because of the lack of professionalism in what was the best clinic in town.

He was on a drip for a while, we suspect they only increased the time so our bill would be higher. (Medical insurance later came in handy, so the lesson is to go to Bali insured).

He was discharged after a few hours and he tested negative for Dengue Fever, but we did not get a clear result of what bacteria he had.

Here, we decided to cancel the rest of the plans to go to the island, and go back to Seminyak instead where we’d be close to better hospitals (if needed), and in a much better environment in general.

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  • Seminyak: Day 10-14

To end our rollercoaster Honeymoon in Bali, we cancelled the rest of our bookings and found a new resort in Seminyak. We weren’t spending as much, got refunds, plus hadn’t been eating too much because of my husbands condition and I was too worried to eat. Because of all this, we splurged out on a penthouse stay as our last recovery station before we go back home.

The whole Bali experience got normal again, and we’ve come to learn that MOST PEOPLE JUST GO TO SEMINYAK FOR A SIMPLY MORE SOPHISTICATED AND LUXURIOUS HOLIDAY.

Let that be a lesson if you want to avoid all the bad things about Bali.

Will we go again? No.

Not because Bali is bad, but it’s super over-rated. The food isn’t that great in most places, the cocktails are watered down, it’s loud, and if you get sick it will be hard to get the best care.

I personally haven’t been to Thailand, the Phillipines, and other locations which I’ve heard are just as good an option.

Oh and when we came back to Australia, we went on an Anniversary trip to the Gold Coast which genuinely felt like Bali (and cost about the same) and we loved that it was quieter on the roads and we felt safer.

This post isn’t to put you off Bali, but just sharing an honest review without the Instagram photos and all the hype.

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