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If you want to customize any of my products, or request something that’s not listed, please reach out to see my availability and get a quote.

See some examples of custom orders I’ve made below.

NOTE: My home studio is in Brisbane, Australia. For large items and furniture only local orders will be accepted.



  • This is a re-worked old stool turned into a piece of art. I did an acrylic pour which is coated with finishing oil.It can be used as an Artistic decorative stool on its own, a plant stand, or side table. Lovely pop of colour for any home
    • 3 -8 people
    Group portraits are good for families and friends. You can display them in your home as meaningful yet decorative artwork.
  • Turn your photo into a minimal, hand illustrated custom portrait.This is a good gift idea, and can be used for a variety of creative prints such as mugs, sweaters or t-shirts, etc.See more product details in the description below. 
    • Original Personalised acrylic portrait
    • Custom painting from your photo
    • Comes on stretched canvas
    • Couple Portrait for weddings, anniversaries, Valentine's Day, birthdays, etc
    • Flexible - Can be two friends, celebrities/fan art, or any photo of two people.

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