“Hi, I’m Skye, and I’m a new beginnings addict!”

Swanston Street, Melbourne

I think I subconsciously have a routine of auditing my lifestyle, re-evaluating choices, and clearing out the clutter. This usually comes

  • at the beginning of the year,
  • on my birthday, and
  • change of season (mostly after winter!) which happens to be now when I’m writing this post. 

I feel like my body is preparing itself for change – some which I am aware is coming and those unexpected ones too! What I do love about these phases is that it’s always the start of something new and it gets me feeling so excited every time.

I mentioned in a previous post that I had been feeling anxious and I am starting to realise that was the first sign that something is coming. Naturally after that, I have re-assessed whether I am happy in my career, and also on a positive note I am starting to properly plan our wedding which means I am constantly in a state of bliss and optimistic about the future!

Some changes that have recently occurred throughout the month of September – the spring cleaning month –  was that I resigned from my job and started mapping out a new career pathway. While I have been happy being a digital marketing professional, I think it’s time to pursue other passions while using my skills as an asset in the meaningful work I want to do. So far, I have found a new opportunity that I feel will tick all boxes and I am excited for that new beginning and taking that next step forward. More details may follow soon.

I also recently did a re-launch of my “side-hustle” POCreative! This venture is always a good fall-back plan for me and helps me re-assess what my passions are at my own expense and in my own terms. This new website design has made me feel a new sense of accomplishment, with all the milestones it’s pushed me through.

Lastly, on a more personal note, I also moved out of my beloved St Kilda apartment (bittersweet) into a new home and starting an exciting new beginning with my fiance! After weeks of home inspections and both my partner and I just starting to feel more defeated with the real estate agent process, we finally found a place far beyond our expectations. I am happy to say we are settling in well and loving the space, the area, and at least on my part the chance to be creative and tap into our hidden interior design talents!

On that happy note, cheers to a new season folks, and if you’re ever in a rut just remember that sometimes what appears to be dying or dead is simply preparing for a new season so stay positive!