Today marks a month since I found out I had an ectopic pregnancy – a story I shared in a previous post. I feel super lucky that it did not rupture, and I am recovering with no surgery required. I’ve had two small doses of the Methotrexate drug, and after feeling fatigue for a couple of weeks everything is starting to get back to normal.

ectopic pregnancy

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In my first week of the Methotrexate, I expected to get my period back. All I had was some mild cramps – still bad but nothing alarming that needed me to rush back to the hospital. I still felt pregnant, so it was another week with that “something is wrong” feeling in my head.

Those moments are why I think sharing the stories helps. It’s then that you feel like you can’t exactly talk to someone unless they’ve been through it. I was just not feeling the progress, and on edge because something can still go wrong, or rupture, any minute.

The doctor called me with my blood test results to confirm that I needed a second dose immediately, OR just go straight to surgery. This was now a tempting option for me, but before we responded I called my  older sister in South Africa who is a doctor. Figured her advice would be best because again, no one really knows what to advise and doctors are afraid to influence your decision in any way.

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My sister pointed out that it’s worth trying a second dose (that way I don’t risk losing an ovary), and if it did rupture I should be aware and ready to rush to the hospital. Luckily by then I did feel safe and trust the hospital, compared to hypothetically having this situation happen when I was living in Zimbabwe, or South Africa with no reliable medical cover.

I went in for the Methotrexate and felt immediate cramps again. This time I managed to get up after an hour and walk to where we were parked. Before, my husband had to go and pick up the car and come back for me at the hospital entrance.

On the third day the bleeding started, which was a great sign that it’s working even though it was still uncomfortable. I just had one more blood test and could now confirm a surgery-free recovery from this ectopic pregnancy.

Each day now feels so much better. I can take long walks, not always feeling tired, and have even treated myself to a couple of glasses of wine.

I still have to go for weekly blood tests for up to 4 months, to make sure my hCG levels go down. See flow chart below:

I still wonder why women do not have these conversations easily. I still feel bad when discussing it with those closest to me. I am more comforted by social media stories, yet I know some members of my own family have been through worse than this when it comes to fertility and child birth.

For more ectopic pregnancy information, here’s the brochure my doctor have me which details my recovery process: Further Information

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