Gayle Stangle

I highly recommend Sakhile. She is responsible for our end to end brand management, liaising with external agencies for SEM campaigns, scheduling print advertising, copywriting and design briefing and the ordering of merchandise. Sakhile is responsible for very successful campaigns with extensive use of FaceBook advertising through Power Editor and our CRM Management with lead generation and inbound marketing tactics. Sakhile is a pleasure to work with as she brings a positive energy to the workplace. Gayle Stangle, Senior Business Development Manager Royal College of Healthcare

Kayley Pielou

Sakhile was an absolute pleasure to work with! She’s organised, hard working and switched on. Not only does she do a great job but her positivity and energy is a joy to be around. Would love to work with her again in the future!

Salvatore Sapuppo

While Marketing and Comms can sometimes become same-same because it is easy to use the same tools, Sakhile added her creativity and imagination to make sure this did not happen. I learnt the power of both theses two element and saw first hand the results on the power of our brand.

Sundeep Atre

I’ve had the pleasure to have Skye as my colleague during my tenure at ECU, where we pursued our Master of Professional Communications. Skye has never ceased to inspire me with her confidence as an international student in Australia who has been persistent and strategic in leaving her mark as a digital marketing professional even during her studies and never lost sight of her long term goals. She has provided invaluable assistance to help me get started as a communications professional in Australia, which resulted in a position as a marketing and communications coordinator executive for 2+ years in WA. Certain of her commitment and success, I wish her well for her future endeavors.

Ryan Christie

Sakhile is a real marketing all-rounder who knows how to build a brand. I had the pleasure of managing Skye during her time at Catalyst Education, while working on our Royal College brand. Skye was able to execute multiple digital campaigns in a pressure environment; driving engagement, leads and conversions. A quality person and team player.

Anna Sedko

Sakhile has an amazing personality accomplished with strong skills in brand management, marketing, social media marketingand digital marketing. I was happy to have such an experienced and talented colleague.

Theresa Klunk

Sakhile contributed to EdSmart tremendously by transforming our marketing and comms and was a pleasure to work with!

David Eedle

I’m very sorry to be losing Sakhile, but I know our loss is someone’s inestimable gain. It’s been terrific having her with us, she has injected professionalism and quality to what was, to be honest, lacking in those attributes. Her understanding of the digital marketing world has transformed our communication efforts.

Candace Tang

I had great time working with Sakhile. Sakhile is a skilled brand manager and inbound marketer. She brought her years of experience and expertise in event management and social media marketing into our work. She is also good at managing clients relationships and always does her best to achieve the client success.

Fiona Boyd

Sakhile worked her ninja magic for EdSmart for six months and was a dedicated and effective team player. I’m really interested to see what she does next.

Alyssa (Ky ren) Yap

It has been great working with Sakhile to get EdSmart’s database cleaned up and functioning effectively using HubSpot CRM. Sakhile has strong listening skills, attention to detail and the ability to grasp and understand new information fast. Such qualities were important to ensure we got the ball moving; towards building a strong foundation for future marketing campaigns. Best of luck to you and the team! 🙂

Hari Sivanesan

Sakhile joined our company during a period of huge change. Not only has she been adaptable, resourceful and professional, but her warmth and personality is simply a breath of fresh air within the office !!!

Tina Dochana

Having worked with Sakhile in a team environment, I can say she is a team player, highly strategic in her marketing implementations and someone you can depend on. She is a multitasker and meets all her deadlines. At the same time she gives each of her tasks undivided attention. She is a great addition to any team!